[BALU] Multi-monitor setup for warehouse

Chuck.Tharp at gmail.com Chuck.Tharp at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 14:09:29 CDT 2011

multi-drop RS-485.
That was an interesting read. Kind of like stick and hoop but
does have a practical application. surprised I hadn't run into
it before.

Charles Tharp KF40AY

I wonder I we get to see final result.

> Most modern dedicated label printers speak ethernet or multi-drop

> RS-485.

> Depends on the budget. Might be simple enough to attach a small

> dedicated X-session PC to the monitor, might not. The I-frame idea seems

> about best, run it all off of a PC or two. Depends on your environment;

> do the warehouse workers destroy everything they come in contact with?

> I've known a few who were gifted with a forklift, but accidents do

> happen.

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