[BALU] Determining log-on rights/permissions on SuSE 11.3

Andrew Edson andrew at asi-web.com
Thu Apr 14 16:10:45 CDT 2011

I've recently been informed that the official location for one of the servers we maintain will be picking up a branch location.  (Offices have an internal pattern of '###.###.N.###' for their IP combos; the new branch has a different value of N from the main office.)  I've been requested to verify that the systems from the branch site will be able to log into the main office's server.  I know how to check and verify the login IP values for the mysql database, and I'm fairly confident I can figure out what I'll need to permit the postgres system to accept the new branches, but where do I need to look and reset in order to ensure that the systems can actually log into the server itself?
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