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Stewart Dean studean at comicnet.net
Sun Oct 3 12:40:39 CDT 2010

  I dunno...  We've got two iRs in the office (7090 and a C1) and they 
perform admirably for large scan jobs.  We do have issues with the C1 
when using it as a printer, but that boils down (mostly) to the way we 
want to use it, not the way it's meant to be used.  We push the spec a 
bit, and the spec pushes back.  But at least our vendor has great 
service response time!

Different iR printers do different things, though.  Ours are purely 
network-based, scanning documents directly to PDF on a samba share.  
Some can scan-to-email or -mailbox (local storage) but the Windows 
Networking option has been the thing we use the most.  I do hate the 
stupid file naming scheme, though.  It will let you assign an arbitrary 
name to a document at the printer level, but it appends a timestamp of 
sorts to the end of the filename, meaning the files have to be renamed 

Either way, YMMV so look at all the options before making a decision, of 
course.  It's been 3 years since we bought the C1, so there's no telling 
what the market looks like now!


On 10/3/2010 5:59 AM, Kris Kirby wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Oct 2010, Dan Willson wrote:
>> If these are binders that can be taken apart and fed into a sheet
>> feeder, lease a Canon Imagerunner copier and save everything out as
>> OCR'd PDFs to a server. Because if the books are mission critical, why
>> let them go off-site?
> The iR series only speaks TWAIN, and at the first jam the job *stops*
> and you have to put the printer back into scan mode. If your scanning
> workstation isn't next to it, the iR isn't worth the trouble, even if it
> can do 11x17 captures (but only one at a time, and that's the maximum
> capture range).
> There has got to be a better solution for large, flatbed scanning using
> an "all in one" of gigantic proportions. Sadly, my opinion of the
> ImageRunner line is that they just need a pass in general. The above
> scanning flaws, coupled with plastic, non-durable parts and screwy
> paper-feeding[1] issues remove them from consideration in my world.
> --
> Kris Kirby, KE4AHR
> Disinformation Analyst
> [1]: Load two cassettes of 8.5x11. Start copy job. One cassette runs out
> of paper. The printer will NOT continue printing from the either
> cassette or the external paper input shelf. Other printers (HP, Xerox)
> do this, provided the media is the same. Also, opening one cassette
> disrupts the paper path for the other cassette, so if either is opened,
> a page or two is now botched. It reeks of "built by consultant."
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