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You couldn’t have written a better description of ExchangeJ  If you are looking at a new deployment I highly suggest Exchange 2010...new architecture has reduced I/O significantly (MSFT claims 90%..I am not that bold) and the recommended storage platform is now large inexpensive SATA disks.

Yes, exchange can handle mailboxes of 25GB (I have 4 of these in my exchange environment now) but I would highly recommend looking into an archiving solution no matter what platform you decide to go with. The slowdown is not usually caused by exchange but rather the Email client.  There have been significant improvements made to Outlook to support super sized mailboxes but no matter how you slice it your still stuffing all those messages into a PST file if you use Outlook in Cached Exchange mode. 

Exchange 2010 does have some limited built in archiving functionality that allows users to essentially have two mailboxes on the server.  One is the primary mailbox and the other is an archive mailbox.  

If you want a first rate email archiving solution check out Mimosa <http://www.mimosasystems.com/> …they were just purchased by Iron Mountain.



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I am looking at groupware servers and need opinions on what is out there and working for others. Aside from GroupWise (which doesn't have good OSX and Linux client support) does any groupware product out there support:


. large mailbox sizes - I'm talking 25 GB per user and 100,000+ messages without choking

. shared calendars

. shared address books

. internal status tracking - read, deleted

. phone support - email, calendar, contacts 

. multi-OS support - Windows, OSX and Linux (hopefully) 



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