[BALU] Does anyone here have experience with PostgreSQL and Slony Replication?

andrew at asi-web.com andrew at asi-web.com
Wed Sep 10 07:43:28 CDT 2008

As the title says, does anyone have any experience with Postgres and  
Slony?  We're running Postgres for our main database, Slony for the  
replication, and I accidentally managed to seriously mangle part of  
our replication setup last friday.  It's taken this long to get it  
even halfway back to normal, and I've pretty much reached the end of  
what I think I'm capable of doing solo at this point - I could use any  
advice anyone has to offer.

System is SuSE 9.3, running Postgres 8.1.3 (yes, I know that's  
somewhat outdated), and Slony 1.1.5 set up for log shipping.

If there is anyone on here with Slony experience:
Problem is that while attempting to reload another database on the  
same server, I accidentally loaded the schema from that one onto the  
main database (the one with which I'm most familiar), causing the  
replication to fail.  My attempts to cure this borked it even further,  
to the point we tried to reload it off of the most recent non-broken  
backup.  (Backup drawn friday morning, before the problem occured.)   
It looks like everything is back in place, but after seventeen hours  
of run it's not generating the log shipping files I'd expect to find,  
and I'm not sure why it hasn't.

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