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Vincent Batts vbatts at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 23:07:41 CDT 2008

for any of you that were at dave's and heard me mention a flyer at UAB about
linux workshop's, i corresponded with the email posted on the flyer, and
posted is the brief conversation. some of you (fran) are probably more
familar, but this could be another avenue to notify the community of events,
generate interest, and provide support.


From: "Eric T Frees" <efrees at uab.edu>
To: "Vincent Batts" <vbatts at gmail.com>


Sorry to be answering your email so late. I forgot about it in the
middle of everything else I had going on.

Thank you for the information and the interest in our Linux Workshops.
Unfortunately, we had to postpone today's workshop because of a last
minute medical problem for the student who was going to teach it.
Our Linux Workshops are most appropriate for students in the UAB CIS
department because they already have accounts on the systems that we use
for the workshops. At this time, I am not able to open the workshop
invitation for people outside the department, but we can definitely talk
about events that the UAB ACM and Bham Linux Users Group could partner
on. Feel free to let me know of any ideas you have for events you would
like to see.

I look forward to being able to offer more great events.
-Eric Frees

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my name is Vincent, i saw your flyer up in Campbell hall and wanted to
more information about the sessions you will be teaching tomorrow. i am
active member with the Birmingham Area Linux users group,
http://bham-lug.org/, and would not mind seeing if your session tomorrow
would be good to publish to our group. additionally if you do any future
events that we could partner to let you draw from any resource of
in people that we have to offer.

further, this October, we are putting together a regional linux
gathering at
the HUC, to host speakers and various educational sessions.

please respond, as i'm interested to see good education happen.




a quick google finds, http://www.cis.uab.edu/acm/ which currently has posted
the workshops mentioned.


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