[BALU] matrox cards

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Fri Oct 24 10:44:34 CDT 2008

I'm still using a pci dual head hard in two older boxes, and satisfied 
with them. I've looked at the newer cards somewhat. The Linux drivers 
are open source (not written by matrox), and from what I can tell work 
fine. Forget about 3D or rotated (turned monitor) accelerated 2D. If you 
want to go with the Xi graphics X server (http://www.xig.com/), they are 
more common. Somewhere recently there was a stand alone X Terminal with 
linux firmware and matrox multi-head hardware. I think the new cards are 
pricey for what you get, but in the right application would perhapses be 
a good way to go. From what I have seen though, even if I was building a 
display or something I would still go with nvidia chips. Even with the 
pitfalls their drivers reign supreme.

Mr. Panzer wrote:
> Ok so we got anyone still using Matrox cards in anything?  It does 
> look like they have newer PCIe X16 cards.  And they do make PCIe x1 
> cards. 
> Panzer
> To see true beauty one must also see the flaws.

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