[BALU] Ubuntu 8.04 LTS shutdown problem

Dale E O'Connor doconnor4547 at centurytel.net
Thu Oct 23 21:15:59 CDT 2008

I installed Ubuntu on a notebook and it shuts down ok.  When I installed 
it on a desktop there is a problem shutting down.

When I select shutdown it gets to the Ubuntu screen, runs for a few 
seconds and then shuts down  the hard drive.  Then I get a screen full 
of messages, starting with NetworkManager: <info> caught termination signal.

NetworkManager: <debug> [1224083397.14635] nm_print_open_socks(): open 
sockets list:  Then it repeats with a different number.

Then it does one with <info> deactivating device eth0,  then a 
<warn>....  Then it just sets there and  never  shuts down.

Has anyone had this problem?  I think it is shutting the hard drive down 
to soon.

I have read a lot of messages.  So far none of the things I have tried 
worked.  None of them have mentioned the hard drive shutting down.

Where does it shut down the hard drive?



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