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I just installed fedora 10 on amd athlon 64 processor with 120hd, 2g ram and the mouse pointer is invisible, you can only see it as a light blue spot on somethings and it says to press the control key to see where the pointer is. The mouse works when you find where the pointer is. It was installed from fedora 10 dvd x86_64 . Has anyone got an idea how to make the pointer visible. 

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imagine that.  the Live CD is slow.  I don't even bother with them anymore.  The text based installer for ubuntu is great and I can adjust more stuff.


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I finally got around to installing Fedora 10 on what used to be my Ubuntu Hardy home server. The only hiccup I ran across was that the LiveCD seemed EXTREMELY slow. After the install to the HD it ran great. Since I have CentOS running on my main home server I've gotten accustomed to the differences between Red Hat and Ubuntu. I'll give an update once I have everything setup.  

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I've been running F10 for a couple weeks now on 2 laptops and a desktop.

I have been happy so far.

The primary issue I ran into was getting dual head to work on the

desktop and one of the laptops (both ATI cards). The other laptop has an

nVidia card and doesn't ever hook up to an external monitor.

To get the desktop ATI Radeon X600 card into dual head mode, I had to

create the xorg.conf file (not needed by default anymore) and add:

Virtual      2560 1024

to the SubSection "Display" so that the desktop could stretched across

both monitors (both use 1280x1024 resolution).

After which, the System->Preferences->Hardware->Screen Resolution

application was able to correctly configure dual head mode.

You can also set up the dual head using xrandr from the command line. I

should also point out that I'm having to use the opensource radeon

drivers at the moment, as AMD hasn't released flgrx drivers that work

with Fedora 10.

Also, on the laptops, I am using the full drive encryption, which can be

set up in the disk partitioning step during install (or afterwards if

you so choose). I haven't noticed any performance degradation as a


The plymouth technology used during bootup is nice eye candy. It works

out of the box with ATI cards, but to get it to work with an nVidia card

you have to add a kernel parameter to grub.conf. On my Dell m1330 XPS

laptop, the settings was: vga=0x361

Without this, plymouth uses a text mode for boot.


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> Fedora 10 has been "out in the wild" for just over a week. I've

> downloaded and tested the Live CD. Being an Ubuntu guy for the last 2

> years, I felt a little like an Alabama football fan on the Michigan

> campus. Both are very prominent schools. Both have legendary football

> programs. Both have huge stadiums. etc. With the live CD, once I got

> acclimated to Fedora differences, I thought F10 was quite nice. I'm

> thinking of redoing my Ubuntu Hardy home server with Fedora 10.


> What are your opinions?

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