[BALU] Linux Proficiency

Alan Jones rajones at luckie.net
Fri Dec 19 13:55:17 CST 2008

Thanks Hiram, for bringing some clarity to this discussion.  Distilling
your message down to 

> I guess it's really not fair to generalize about certifications.

is the best thing we can do at this point.  Everyone can sneer all they
want, but certifications do have value.  Hiram talked about the value he
got from them; I myself found them very valuable as a sales tool.  In my
opinion, that is why they exist.  I think _we_ can all judge pretty
accurately who's got decent skills and who doesn't.  But can an HR
person looking to fill a position?  How about someone with no expertise,
but who is looking to contract out a network upgrade?  Regardless of
this being a correct view or not, certifications provide non-technical
people with a certain measure of comfort that you have at least a
reasonable level of expertise.


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