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Todd Morgan bamamorgans at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 13:07:44 CST 2008

I finally got around to installing Fedora 10 on what used to be my Ubuntu
Hardy home server. The only hiccup I ran across was that the LiveCD seemed
EXTREMELY slow. After the install to the HD it ran great. Since I have
CentOS running on my main home server I've gotten accustomed to the
differences between Red Hat and Ubuntu. I'll give an update once I have
everything setup.

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 10:50 AM, Mike Hanby <flakrat at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I've been running F10 for a couple weeks now on 2 laptops and a desktop.
> I have been happy so far.
> The primary issue I ran into was getting dual head to work on the
> desktop and one of the laptops (both ATI cards). The other laptop has an
> nVidia card and doesn't ever hook up to an external monitor.
> To get the desktop ATI Radeon X600 card into dual head mode, I had to
> create the xorg.conf file (not needed by default anymore) and add:
> Virtual      2560 1024
> to the SubSection "Display" so that the desktop could stretched across
> both monitors (both use 1280x1024 resolution).
> After which, the System->Preferences->Hardware->Screen Resolution
> application was able to correctly configure dual head mode.
> You can also set up the dual head using xrandr from the command line. I
> should also point out that I'm having to use the opensource radeon
> drivers at the moment, as AMD hasn't released flgrx drivers that work
> with Fedora 10.
> Also, on the laptops, I am using the full drive encryption, which can be
> set up in the disk partitioning step during install (or afterwards if
> you so choose). I haven't noticed any performance degradation as a
> result.
> The plymouth technology used during bootup is nice eye candy. It works
> out of the box with ATI cards, but to get it to work with an nVidia card
> you have to add a kernel parameter to grub.conf. On my Dell m1330 XPS
> laptop, the settings was: vga=0x361
> Without this, plymouth uses a text mode for boot.
> Mike
> On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 19:41 +0000, bamamorgans at gmail.com wrote:
> > Fedora 10 has been "out in the wild" for just over a week. I've
> > downloaded and tested the Live CD. Being an Ubuntu guy for the last 2
> > years, I felt a little like an Alabama football fan on the Michigan
> > campus. Both are very prominent schools. Both have legendary football
> > programs. Both have huge stadiums. etc. With the live CD, once I got
> > acclimated to Fedora differences, I thought F10 was quite nice. I'm
> > thinking of redoing my Ubuntu Hardy home server with Fedora 10.
> >
> > What are your opinions?
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Todd Morgan
Birmingham, AL
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