[BALU] vm tech (ot)

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Fri Dec 19 12:48:54 CST 2008

Sorry about the miss fire. Thought some on this list might think this 
message I sent to some other folks was interesting.


I came across this last night. Check out the guy's presentation slides.


It's related to the flash targeted llvm C compiler, and the google 
native code thing. Some thoughts on these emerging targets:

-I was thinking about what it would take to port a native gui (ie gtk) 
to one of these things. At first I was thinking about a frame buffer or 
something to start with, but then I realized that they all have sockets. 
So all they need is to get xcb/xlib working. Then just connect to the 
host's X server.

-Really user mode linux (which works on 'doz), and even qemu I think 
compete with these new approaches once you get to the above point.

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