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Jim Vines jgoodguy at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 09:43:26 CST 2008

The last I heard was that the IT certs were static without an CE. 

CPAs require CEs as well as Pharmacy CEs.  Outside of IT most certs seem 
to require CE.

The IT dodge seems to be in the mode of trashing existing stuff for the 

Yea I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but it seems that things 
have not changed since the 1960s, just a newer crop of folks in love in 
tech only to be dumped in their 40s or earlier if they make a bad call 
on the latest and greatest fad. 

Good read on this is 


Tab Gilbert wrote:
>     Just how many IT certs are in date 2 years later.
>     Just how many certs in other professions are in date 10 years later?
>     Yet training in those certs, say CPA, cost about the same as a
>     Linux cert.
> So are most of these IT type certificates 'static" or do they require 
> a certain number of Continuing Education points per year to remain 
> valid?  My hazardous materials management one basically required two 3 
> day professional conferences per year as well as some other 
> requirements in order to remain valid.  A "snapshot" certificate would 
> hardly seem to be worth the time and money.  There are always new 
> methods and toys for playing with ethylmethylbadstuff. 
> tab
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