[BALU] CGI and Perl

jim jgoodguy at charter.net
Thu Nov 29 12:56:42 CST 2007

Yep, but just Mason is just about totally incompatible with windoze so 
forget it outside of Linux.
I found it a real pain in the ass to install in Linux. 

And you have to learn another language to boot. 

Mason has a number of interesting things about it, but easy to misuse, 
requires a lot of documentation and control in a multi developer 
IMHO it exists to overcome perl's short comings, only makes sense for 
legacy perl code or a strictly perl shop. 

The investment in Mason is better invested in something else.

Job Hits on Monster All States.

Mason gets 41
Python(+web) gets 204
Ruby gets 254
Perl(+web) gets 598
PHP gets 628
ASP gets 2001
Java gets 3841

I added web to perl and python because both are also scripting languages 
used outside of web pages.

And as I have noted several times, the XAMPP install is easy on Mac, 
Windoze and Linux.

Not to say that Mason is not interesting and good for folks that are 
perl only, but in the end it is a specialty language. 


Larry Owen wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-11-29 at 10:52 -0600, jim wrote:
>> Or forget perl and go with PHP which allows embedding of code like
>> ASP. 
> That's why I mentioned HTML::Mason (http://masonhq.com/) it's a template
> system, comparable to php, asp and such.  So blah :-)
> ~larry
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