[BALU] CGI and Perl

jim jgoodguy at charter.net
Thu Nov 29 10:52:35 CST 2007

Or forget perl and go with PHP which allows embedding of code like ASP. 

XAMPP installs Apache, Mysql, PHP and Perl automatically for most OSes.


Larry Owen wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-11-28 at 21:53 -0600, Jeff Scarborough wrote:
>> After a bit more research it appears that I may not have a specific
>> module installed as I assumed.  It's the CGI.pm module.  I attempted
>> to download libcgi-perl from the synaptic manager but that may not
>> have been it.  Does anyone know how to download that using something
>> like apt-get? 
> You've got the right module, but you're problem is a configuration issue
> like Tobin pointed out.
> After you get comfortable with cgi scripting and perl, you'll want to
> check out mod_perl (http://perl.apache.org/) for performance and real
> programming power.
> Also, check out HTML::Mason (http://masonhq.com/)  there are Ubuntu and
> Debian packages:
> libhtml-mason-perl - HTML::Mason Perl module
> libhtml-mason-perl-doc - HTML::Mason documentation
> libhtml-mason-perl-examples - HTML::Mason example setup
> ~larry
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