[BALU] Limited Success with Charter & Ubuntu

jim vines jgoodguy at charter.net
Wed Nov 28 07:10:05 CST 2007

I use a ComCast modem I got on EBAY for under $10 and an ancient 
Microsoft router I've had forever.

No problems just hums along on Linux and MS.


Lee Nichols wrote:
> I am in north Shelby County in Meadow Brook near Inverness. I've had 
> an Ambit U10C018 Charter-supplied cable modem on 3Mbps service for a 
> year now, and that is connected to a Linksys WRT54Gv4 running Linksys 
> firmware. My primary box is WinXP SP2, but I just installed my 
> previous box with Gutsy. It was connected by wired 
> ethernet prior to, during, and after installation and never missed a 
> beat.
> Are you saying Gutsy/Charter is a persistent problem or just during 
> initial installation of the cable service? Once the modem is connected 
> to Charter with your account name and password, it shouldn't matter 
> what is connected on your side of the modem. It's all wired and 
> wireless ethernet talking standard TCP/IP. I did initialize the 
> service on a Winduhs box, but now I can connect anything on my 
> side--no problem. Rather than sacrifice the long-term bandwidth by 
> using USB, connect an XP box, initialize the service, and get rid of 
> the XP box and connect your Gutsy.
> BTW, even on Windows, I have never used the setup media provided by 
> Bellsouth or Charter. I 
> don't need some flashing icon by the clock using my system resources to tell me the network is good. If I can't surf, I can tell if the problem is mine or the provider's using standard CLI tools such as ping, nslookup, and netstat. 
> Lee
> On 11/21/07, *Nick Hudson* <nick.hudson at gmail.com 
> <mailto:nick.hudson at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I had the same problem with my install but after a few minutes of
>     tslking with the guy who installed it he called and had it
>     activated over the phone. You just have to tell them that you
>     don't have windows and you know they can call and get it
>     activated. Just threaten to switch to DSL if they wont budge and
>     don't be scared to call their supervisor while they are standing
>     there.
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>     On Nov 21, 2007, at 11:07 AM, "Chuck Burgess" <
>     demon.gene at gmail.com <mailto:demon.gene at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>     Thought I'd pass on info on my limited success getting Charter
>>     cable internet service "installed" on a Gutsy box...
>>     Charter (in my area) seems to require an "online" service setup
>>     process, in that once they've enabled your service and your modem
>>     realizes it, you must use your browser to walk through a series
>>     of Charter webpages to verify your account info (ok), choose your
>>     username/password (ok), and then it performs the configuration of
>>     your cable modem (bad).  Even though I was obviously reaching
>>     Charter's webpages through the NIC cable into the cable modem, it
>>     could not successfully "do its thing" to configure the cable
>>     modem for open internet usage.
>>     However, I noticed the cable modem also had a USB jack on it, so
>>     I switched from CAT5 to USB and tried again.  This time all
>>     webpage steps succeeded, and the cable modem was successfully
>>     configured.  I verified through several reboots of the Ubuntu box
>>     that it was working fine.
>>     I then switched back from USB to CAT5 to see if the cable modem,
>>     thus configured, would continue to work.   No, no, no, no, and
>>     no.  It seems that whatever connection to the cable modem you
>>     used during its configuration is the only one it will accept
>>     usage through.  I'm confident there's no problem with the PCI NIC
>>     itself, because I used it successfully in this same Gutsy box
>>     when I first installed and updated Gutsy (cabled to my own home
>>     network).
>>     So, if you find yourself in this predicament, and are having no
>>     success initializing a Charter cable modem over CAT5, give the
>>     USB option a try.  You obviously won't have as much bandwidth
>>     available to you, but it beats having no bandwidth at all...
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