[BALU] nano rant

Kris Kirby kris at catonic.us
Mon Nov 26 15:52:43 CST 2007

On Mon, 26 Nov 2007, Alan Jones wrote:
> Not to start a flame war here, but I have had many cases of being on a 
> UNIX system and not having nano, or pico, or EMACS.  I've never seen a 
> UNIX system that didn't have vi installed.  You may hate it and prefer 
> not to use it, but IMO its worth learning just for that.

This is what I tend to find myself adhereing to. vi is everwhere, much 
like ksh or sh; it is the lowest comon denominator. 

Not to sound like a pedant, but vi doesn't have syntax highlighting -- 
vim does. Remember that the history of UNIX is full of documented and 
undocumented nuances of programs, libraries, and code that are named the 
same but do not function the same. It's one of the reasons why autoconf 
is so popular today.

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