[BALU] nano rant

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Mon Nov 26 08:05:01 CST 2007

Say what you will, to me the best console editor is still Midnight 
Commander's (mc) internal editor. I'm mean come on: syntax highlighting, 
simple key bindings, no bs - its great. It's only been in the last year 
that I have moved to the GTK/scintilla based "Geany" as my main editor. 
And yes nano works  ok when nothing else is around. Thanks for the -w 
tip. I hate that line wrapping.

Mr. Panzer wrote:
> Ok let me start off with yes VI/VIM is in the future. 
> Ok so I am making a darn script here.  Got everything all nice and 
> neat.  except when I run the darn thing I get errors.  turns out that 
> bash don't like the line wrapping in nano.  Ugh.  And I wanted to 
> sleep sometime today.  so the solution for me is to do nano -w to turn 
> the darn line wrapping.
> /me posts -w signs all over the place.
> Panzer

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