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Laugh you seem to be in luck.  Since I started that mess I have kept up with it.  I have not yet tried  to make a 7.10 server disk but I have the 7.04 disk.  You might be able to apt-get the 7.10 stuff once you get it up.  also if you need the smartstart cd then I got that too.  Again thanks to Larry for hosting the files.  DL the ISO there.  Be gentle on the bandwidth though please.  wget --limit-rate=20K (link)  would work great and get you the iso 
But, during the installation another kernel is installed and when you reboot you will see “cpqarray: error sending ID controller”Reboot off your custom install cd, and select the Rescue option. Mount your root partition and execute a shell on it.(if you have /usr or /var on other partitions you should mount them before continuing)Now execute the commands 
 echo "cpqarray" >> /etc/initramsfs-tools/modules
update-initramfs -u
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