[BALU] LDAP Authentication with TLS Encryption on Ubuntu?

Mike Hanby flakrat at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 17:18:24 CST 2007

Ok, serves me right for not reading the help page to the bottom. There's a
note at the bottom about enabling this on Gutsy (7.10) that points to this


Doh O_o

I haven't been able to verify it yet, I'll post back with the results after
turkey break.

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of course on a form someone mentioned a bug in the new  version of Ubuntu
(your name sounds familiar did you interview me once for  a job I
didn't get) or was it  a script  you needed.

> Has anyone configured Ubuntu Desktop (7.10) to authenticate user passwords
> against an LDAP server (with TLS encryption)?
> If so, could you provide a list of steps or a pointer to some
> I'm familiar with how to configure this on RHEL, I'm setting up my first
> Ubuntu system and am not yet familiar with the config file locations /
> system administration tools.

> I've found some documentation, but mostly it discusses the creation of the
> LDAP server and not the configuration of the client.
> thanks, Mike
> Mike Hanby
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<^> Chuck
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