[BALU] Wanta Server?

jim jgoodguy at charter.net
Fri Jun 29 17:13:54 CDT 2007

Wanta play with dual procs like Panzer does.

But you wanta for free.
Canta afford $75 for the DL370s with everything?

I give up, free to good home,  5U thats 5 inches high rack mount but can
be set on a table. 
Dual 733 P3 power, 1466mhz of power at your command. 
Raid capable
with 2 procs
Power Supply.

0 memory  Sorry but free is free
and no HDs.   Freejack at cybersalvage can likely set you up with HDs
real cheap.

You pick up.
I may drag it to a meeting.  

Larry gets it if no one wants it. 


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