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Charles McNutt charlesmcnutt at windstream.net
Thu Jun 28 05:58:11 CDT 2007

Daniel, your comment is just what I was interested in getting some 
insight on if other members knew something on this. In a certain way, I 
don't blame Zap2it for not wanting to make that service free; but I wish 
there were more choices. The bad thing is that nobody in the commercial 
arena is going to make a product like MythTV that rips out all of the 
commercials --- we place too much emphasis on marketing in our society. 
Personally, I hate marketing ( although I know it works  with most 
people ), and I will not be able to watch TV if I have to watch adds. 
Like a lot of other open source programs, MythTV took us down a 
different path in which you could spend your time just watching what you 
wanted to see; and I have Web, email, video, and music setup and 
operating under one system --- it is truly the ultimate home 
entertainment system. and I am sad to see the barriers go up.  I guess 
is was just too good to be true. I guess this is a help to the TiVo though.

Charles (cwm)

Daniel Hallmark wrote:
> So what does this mean in real terms for individuals.  I'm sure TMS
> isn't interested in licensing their listings to individual users or
> they would just introduce a payment system rather than discontinuing
> the service.  I haven't registered an account and don't have access to
> their forums, so I'm curious if there has been any discussion of
> particular TMS licensees who (if any) do offer direct-to-individual
> downloads of listings data and what sort of pricing is involved?
> Daniel
> On 6/27/07, Charles McNutt <charlesmcnutt at windstream.net> wrote:
>> For all you MythTV fans out there, we are not going to be able to get
>> free TV Listings anymore from Zap2it Labs after September the first ---
>> Bummer!
>> http://labs.zap2it.com/ztvws/ztvws_login/1,1059,TMS01-1,00.html
>> Charles (cwm)

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