[BALU] Nokia 770 Tablet at woot.com

Hiram Lester Hiram.Lester at compassbank.com
Mon Jun 25 12:28:20 CDT 2007

Yeah, that's always a danger. The thing I would want it for is to surf the web while watching TV or to make PDF documents portable without lugging a laptop around. I tried a WinCE HPC Pro 2.11 tablet which was nice, but the PDF viewer for it wasn't that great, the IE was old and didn't work with a lot of modern websites, so while it was cool, it didn't really accomplish what I needed. Using it as an RDP client to get to a Windows box to surf using a modern browser and PDF player made it better. I have an Archos PMA430 which is a linux/Qtopia-based (similar to the Zaurus) media player that includes 802.11b, Opera 7, and QPDF. Someone has ported Konquerer to it and the OS is being maintained as an opensource project even updating QPDF to the latest version. It works great as a media player and I use it occasionally to surf the web, but the built-in wireless antenna is weak and the screen is a little small for a good web experience. I think the Nokia 770 has some ties to Qtopia as well and it looks like the screen is slightly bigger (3.5" on the PMA430 versus 4.1" on the Nokia 770). The resolution on the 770 is definitely better (320x240 on the PMA430 versus 800x480 on the 770 although you can hook the PMA up to a TV and it improves the resolution some). The PMA430 even with the updated QPDF doesn't do a great job of reading PDF manuals/books although it does work. I'm not sure if the 770 would be any better or not. I haven't seen that Chumby. It looks sorta like the GP2X gaming console. I recently became aware of another device called the PepperPad (http://www.pepperpad.com/) that looks really cool and might even meet my needs better. Unfortunately it's a lot pricier and gets into the price range of laptops. Woot! had it in a woot-off a few months back for about half-price. I couldn't afford it at the time and really can't now. :) Anyway, if I knew the 770 would do what I need, I'd probably find a way to get it. :)

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>>> "Tab Gilbert" <tabbox at gmail.com> 6/25/2007 7:56 AM >>>
It's a good price, but one of those items that I see myself playing with for
> an hour or two and never touching again.
> I have been scoping out a chumby http://www.chumby.com/ and was thinking
the same thing.  Probably fun for a couple of days.......then you find
yourself eyeing some other sleazy techno gizmo while it sits in the toy


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