[BALU] BIOS and Logical Block Addressing

Mr. Panzer panzermkz at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 18 23:00:34 CDT 2007

maybe the latest bios is needed.  would not hurt to install.  if xpsp2 then 
you should not have issues.  but you are.  but check on the drive to make 
sure there are not the 8gig and 32gig limit jumpers set.  I know not 
normally on ide drives but sometimes on ibm's I remember stupid stuff like 


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>From: Jim Vines <jgoodguy at charter.net>
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>To: members at lists.bham-lug.org
>Subject: Re: [BALU] BIOS and Logical Block Addressing
>Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 14:29:42 -0500
>This MB is limited to 128GB, if I am reading the manual LBA wiki correctly.
>"LBA addresses in ATA can be 28-bit or 48-bit (introduced in ATA-6) wide, 
>which results in a disk size limit of 128 GiB 
><http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibibyte> or 128 PiB 
><http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pebibyte>, respectively, assuming the common 
>512 bytes per sector."  
>The online ASUS manual says that 28-bit LBA is used for on that board.
>Jeff Scarborough wrote:
>>I'm at work at the moment so going from memory but the MB is Asus
>>P4S333.  As I stated I did look at the BIOS info on the ASUS site but
>>I did not see any of the BIOS updates that indicated it would help
>>with large drives.
>>The drive that was purchased is a Western Digital 320 gig
>>On 6/18/07, Jim Vines <jgoodguy at charter.net> wrote:
>>>What MB, by the way and what HD.
>>>Jeff Scarborough wrote:
>>> > Hello All,
>>> >
>>> > I have ran across a problem and hope someone could help.  My in-laws
>>> > computer recently stopped booting.  So we tried to replace the hard
>>> > drive on the system.  When I attempted to install XP (sorry but they
>>> > would not go with Linux) we ran into a problem.  After the
>>> > instillation, the computer would not boot.  Then I tried to install
>>> > Linux and when I tried to boot the system the GRUB system gave an
>>> > "error 18".
>>> >
>>> > Now I may be wrong but as I understand what is happening is that the
>>> > MB on the computer is a few years old and so uses the logical block
>>> > addressing scheme.  My theory is that the software is loading but when
>>> > the system boots up it only "sees" a portion of the hard drive and
>>> > thus can not boot up.  At this point I assume that part of the boot
>>> > information is in a portion of the hard drive "invisible" to the BIOS.
>>> >
>>> > Some places on the net say that with LBA the drive could not be larger
>>> > than 8 gigs but on wikipedia it said the drive would have to be
>>> > limited to 128 gigs.
>>> >
>>> > When booting up the computer part of the POST screen gives the size of
>>> > primary as 8455 megs.
>>> >
>>> > I have looked at the Asus website and they do have updated BIOS but I
>>> > have not seen any information that this would actually correct the
>>> > problem and I would prefer not to update the BIOS unless I had to see
>>> > as I could mess up a whole lot more.
>>> >
>>> > And at the moment I not sure of the best course of action.  If anyone
>>> > has any idea about how I can get XP onto the machine that would be
>>> > very helpful.
>>> >
>>> > Jeff
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