[BALU] Opinions re aix 5.3 vs linux on IBM System P5

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Sun Jun 10 07:50:27 CDT 2007

Thanks for the response.  For now, we will use the old boxes as a place to park data, testing stuff, etc.
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> Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 11:02:21 -0500> From: thomas at wsinnovations.com> To: members at lists.bham-lug.org> Subject: Re: [BALU] Opinions re aix 5.3 vs linux on IBM System P5> > I am extremely interested to hear how this goes for you. I have a huge > crush on the P5 and P6 architectures. Not having one myself I can only > say from what I have read. One huge benefit for Linux would be the zero > cost of gcc versus having to pay for compilers for AIX. There must be > some real advantages of AIX over linux, but IBM sure wont way what on > their website. I remember reading a LJ article years ago talking about > how AIX out scaled Linux, but that was before 2.6 (2.6 radically > improved all types of scheduling).> > by the way, whats your plan for the old boxes?> > > pat griffin wrote:> > > Here's a bit of history. We have used aix since 1986 or so and linux > > for the last few years. We have two new IBM System p5 boxes with aix > > 5.3 and RAID 5. They are configured with all our code; but, are not on > > line. My plan was to bring them on line this month to replace our > > 4-year old IBM aix boxes. However, the IBM guys claim that we can run > > Linux with no downside. Now, we have no real problem with aix. But, > > we have a few good-size Dells running various versions of Linux. If, > > in fact, we can run it on the P5 machines with no compromises, why > > not? So, as you might guess, my questions is, do any of you have > > experience with Linux (RH Enterprise 5) on IBM P5? I plan to hold off > > on putting the machines on line and install linux and do some > > testing. So if any of you can point out some stuff to look for, it > > would be a big help.> > > > Many thanks,> > Pat> >> > patgriffin at msn.com> >> > > _______________________________________________> Members mailing list> Members at lists.bham-lug.org> http://lists.bham-lug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/members
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