[BALU] Opinions re aix 5.3 vs linux on IBM System P5

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Thanks for the info.
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> Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 19:49:07 -0500> From: swelling at gmail.com> To: members at lists.bham-lug.org> Subject: Re: [BALU] Opinions re aix 5.3 vs linux on IBM System P5> > Glad to see another System p user on the list. For a little> background on us, about two years ago we were primarily a Solaris> shop, but we also had RHEL, RHL, HP-UX, and FreeBSD. Then we got our> first 4-way POWER5+ 570 to start our Solaris migration. We got to> play with the box for months before putting it into production, so I> quickly installed RHEL4 on an LPAR after seeing how different AIX was.> But I quickly found out that there isn't a lot of proprietary> software compiled for Linux on POWER. But all the typical free and> open source software worked fine on it.> > During my first six months using AIX, I was pretty much lost since> none of the commands are the same as on other Unix flavors. But it> has really grown on me during the past 2 years. And since IBM> provides a lot of free and open source software RPMs for AIX> (http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/aix/products/aixos/linux/download.html),> it helps a lot. And with SMIT, it is easy to find the proper AIX> command for almost any task.> > Now we have two 8-way POWER5+ 570 servers and one two-way 520 server.> On the 570s we use APV (Advanced POWER Virtualization), including dual> AIX-based VIO (Virtual I/O) servers on each 570. Since you can> allocate CPU cycles in tenths of a CPU and set the priority of unused> processing capacity per LPAR, we have been able to consolidate 18 Sun> servers with 42 processors and 2 Windows servers to these two 570s> running AIX in 17 LPARs, and their CPUs are still less than 25%> utilized most of the time, and jobs have gone from taking hours to> minutes to run. And we don't even bother with PLM (Partition Load> Manager). The 520 (with a locally-attached DS4200 SATA array) is a> NetBackup master and NIM server. Migrating NetBackup from Solaris was> a breeze, and it screams while backing up all our Windows and Unix> servers to its disk cache using its four aggregated 1Gb NICs and then> duplicating it to a TS3310 LTO3 tape library.> > We are continuing to move more Sun servers to these 570s, and we will> probably bring in two POWER6 570s some time next year. With POWER6,> you are supposed to soon be able to move LPARs live from one system to> another, just like VMware's Vmotion, if you have all your storage on a> SAN (we currently use local boot drives, but we will run everything> from SAN when we start implementing POWER6). And with the new> features of AIX 6.1, I don't see us abandoning AIX for RHEL any time> soon for large systems running proprietary software. But we will> probably run a few RHEL5 LPARs for systems that use only open source> software. And we will continue to run RHEL on x86 servers.> > So by the end of next year we will probably be an only AIX and RHEL> shop. No Solaris, RHL, HP-UX, or FreeBSD.> > I also have a lot of AIX and System p links on my home page at> http://karl.allen.swelling.info.> > Karl Allen Swelling> > > On 6/8/07, pat griffin <patgriffin at msn.com> wrote:> >> > Here's a bit of history. We have used aix since 1986 or so and linux for> > the last few years. We have two new IBM System p5 boxes with aix 5.3 and> > RAID 5. They are configured with all our code; but, are not on line. My> > plan was to bring them on line this month to replace our 4-year old IBM aix> > boxes. However, the IBM guys claim that we can run Linux with no downside.> > Now, we have no real problem with aix. But, we have a few good-size Dells> > running various versions of Linux. If, in fact, we can run it on the P5> > machines with no compromises, why not? So, as you might guess, my questions> > is, do any of you have experience with Linux (RH Enterprise 5) on IBM P5? I> > plan to hold off on putting the machines on line and install linux and do> > some testing. So if any of you can point out some stuff to look for, it> > would be a big help.> >> > Many thanks,> > Pat> >> > patgriffin at msn.com> >> >> >> > _______________________________________________> > Members mailing list> > Members at lists.bham-lug.org> > http://lists.bham-lug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/members> >> >> _______________________________________________> Members mailing list> Members at lists.bham-lug.org> http://lists.bham-lug.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/members
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