[BALU] Email encryption

Robby Workman rw at rlworkman.net
Fri Jun 8 21:01:19 CDT 2007

Jason Sandlin wrote:
> What would be the best way to send encrypted email to different clients on
> different systems?
> I use t bird at work on XP, at home on Linux, and my wife uses outlook
> on XP
> at her office(she is on exchange server). I would like to send encrypted
> mail to her but I find it a bit confusing as to what to do to set up all
> client.
> Any suggestions on where to look?

Well, KMail supports OpenPGP and S/MIME by default (assuming all of
the dependency libraries and such are installed),

For Thunderbird, there's the Enigmail extension that I use, and it
works very well.

I won't even go into pine/mutt and gpg, as I don't imagine you're
interested :)

I have no idea if/how/under what conditions Outlook and friends
will do encryption/decryption, but I seem to recall that the
gnupg guys have a windows port of gpgme (gpg made easy), so there
is probably some windows-specific software to take advantage of




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