[BALU] Opinions re aix 5.3 vs linux on IBM System P5

David Wilkins dwilkins at conecuh.com
Fri Jun 8 19:27:17 CDT 2007

I too, have have some P5 boxen, but, alas, I can't use gcc to compile
our code.  We use RogueWave for some of our cross-platform capability,
and RogueWave (emphasis on the "Rogue") *required* the IBM compiler,
and certain versions of it to boot.  This isn't just isolated to AIX,
we have the exact same problem with HPUX.

It seems there's a bit of collusion between some of these large 'puter
companies and RogueWave.  Strangely enough, HP uses a early version of
RogueWave's std library with it's c++ compiler suite.

I'm sure I could, given enough linear thought time with the RogueWave
source code, make it compile with GCC, but I'd have to understand way
more than I do know about their build system.


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