[BALU] A lesson from gmail

Mr. Panzer panzermkz at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 22:30:20 CDT 2007

yes comrade.  I have many boxen.  And yes here local lan you don't need 
things out on the net.  But of the things that I need on the net those shell 
account people have provided me help.  I only have to look so far as ~/ to 
find my stuff.  Yes you might not agree with what I have.  You might not 
agree with how I am.  But you will agree that I have the freedom to keep 
what I want be it the lastest and greatest missle launch codes or the 1903 
version of Brewster's Millions.  Freedom is a good thing.  Remember though 
freedom is not free.


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du Mans

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>Panzer has a large collection of boxen.  I'm assuming from the "don't
>want to keep my files on the net" comment that he was suggesting just
>copying files to another personal machine over a local home lan - no
>dialup involved.
>On 6/7/07, John Scott <John at jpscott.com> wrote:
>>How do you upload from  a dialup, panzer?
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>>what happened to shell accounts?  What happened to remoting into your own
>>box to save files.  Seems to me my own boxen have a don't ask don't tell
>>policy on what I keep.  If it where me I would think that I would not want
>>to keep my stuff on the net.
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