[BALU] asterisk 1.4 and zaptel compile on ubuntu

Robby Workman rw at rlworkman.net
Thu Jun 7 17:11:53 CDT 2007

Allan Wilson wrote:

> The problem, I don't have config.gz on my system.
> Does it store it as something else on Ubuntu?

Under "General Setup" in the kernel config are two parameters for
storing the config in the kernel:
The first stores the config in the kernel, and the second makes it
available via /proc/config.gz
If indeed Ubuntu does not set CONFIG-IKCONFIG_PROC, then have a look
at ./scripts/extract-ikconfig in the kernel source directory - that
is supposed to pull the config from a running kernel.  I'm not going
to judge here, but if Slackware weren't building kernels with support
for /proc/config.gz, I'd be complaining loudly... :-)


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