[BALU] Asterisk noob suggestions

Andrew Stewart astewart at notre1.com
Thu Jun 7 13:04:02 CDT 2007

I talked my boss into allowing me to setup an Asterisk box and get a few 
  SIP phones to evaluate.

Linux wise, I'm just a little beyond a beginner.  I can install a 
system, read man pages, explain the filesystem hierarchy, setup 
permissions, use apt/yum to add/remove programs, and I understand most 
of the terminology.  But, I am by no means an expert or even an 
experienced administrator.

I would like something that has some sort of gui for basic 
configuration, so that I am not the only one that was able to do manage 
it.  And, I would also like something that I could outsource the 
management/maintenance of if the thing grew into a huge, nasty 
company-wide initiative (slim chance of that).

I'm thinking about starting out with one of the Asterisk distros:
	Digium's AsteriskNOW <http://www.asterisknow.org/>	
	trixbox <http://www.trixbox.org>
	elastix <http://www.elastix.org/>

What about running it inside VMWare, so I could start it out on my 
workstation and then move it to a bigger server when needed.  Would this 
be a good(tm) thing?

What do you guys suggest?

Andrew Stewart

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