[BALU] A lesson from gmail

Daniel Hallmark daniel.hallmark at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 11:19:32 CDT 2007

I'm not entirely sympathetic.  I'm no MS fan, but when I run their
software I purchase a legitimate copy and register it as required -
including the one I run inside vmware on my linux system and the copy
I dual-boot on my Mac.  Yes, it's expensive; MS is a pain to deal
with, and their policies are impose an extreme level of inconvenience
on legitimate users in a vain attempt to cut down on piracy.  But if I
want to run their software then I'm agreeing to operate within that
framework when I break the seal on their CD and install the program.

Having to go through the reactivation process sucks.  I know that if I
want to move my legitimate copies of XP to another environment then I
can look forward to spending some quality time with my telephone
handset.  But if this is just a "play" environment as you indicated
then you can run it for 30 days before registration and/or
reactivation is required.

Perhaps the lesson that should be learned here is not to rely on
illegal hacks whose sole purpose is to bypass legitimate commercial
software protections.

I actually wish gmail had more aggressive scanning policies or at
least offered a version where policies could be configured to meet
more stringent corporate security requirements so that use of their
webmail system on corporate PCs wouldn't be prohibited on the basis of
being a potential security threat.

But on the whole storage issue, I have been thinking about setting up
an account at either xdrive or with amazon's s3 service.  Does anyone
have any experience actually using either of those services?


On 6/7/07, Mark Greene <markgreene at gmail.com> wrote:
> For over a year I have used my gmail account as a sort of "un-loosable
> thumbdrive". I will email myself attachments that I know I can always go
> back and find with a quick search. Most importantly I stored small hacks for
> various programs. One of which is the Brick program that circumvents windows
> xp activation. Today I was playing with a XP virtual machine and decided to
> brick it.
> I loaded up gmail and did a search for the same email I have used dozens of
> times that had the brick program attatched in a .rar file. I found it as
> quickly as usual but was surprised to see that after 18 months of being
> there, gmail had finally gotten around to flagging it as a "virus" and would
> not let me access it.
> So I lesson I already new and failed to inact - Don't rely on anyone but
> yourself when it comes to storing files.

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