[BALU] A lesson from gmail

Mark Greene markgreene at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 10:26:01 CDT 2007

For over a year I have used my gmail account as a sort of "un-loosable
thumbdrive". I will email myself attachments that I know I can always go
back and find with a quick search. Most importantly I stored small hacks for
various programs. One of which is the Brick program that circumvents windows
xp activation. Today I was playing with a XP virtual machine and decided to
brick it.

I loaded up gmail and did a search for the same email I have used dozens of
times that had the brick program attatched in a .rar file. I found it as
quickly as usual but was surprised to see that after 18 months of being
there, gmail had finally gotten around to flagging it as a "virus" and would
not let me access it.

So I lesson I already new and failed to inact - Don't rely on anyone but
yourself when it comes to storing files.
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