[BALU] [OT] Anyone have an iPod for sale?

Brian Jablonsky balu at brianjablonsky.com
Thu Jun 7 03:30:35 CDT 2007

Sorry for a being a bit off-topic, but it's kinda linux-related:

I'm looking for an iPod, preferably one with picture/video support and a
non-harddrive-based one (like the new nanos that's solid memory). The
reason why I'm asking, is because I want to do some Rhythmbox dev work
with the iPods (relates to linux). I wanted to add the ability to move
the album art to the iPod and make a better interface to sync up with
the iPod. I personally don't really like iPods. I have a creative muvo
512MB and I really like that. I really won't be using it to carry with
me, so one with a dead-battery would work perfect as long as I can plug
it in to the usb or a charger or something.

--Brian Jablonsky

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