[BALU] Norton Ghost writing Linux Swap partitions

Andrew Coleman awcoleman at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 13:07:10 CDT 2007

The "Linux Swap" label probably isn't really linux swap made with mkswap,
etc. but just the partition
code is wrong. The partition type is just a single byte code.

This page ( http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Partition/partition-types.html ) has this
to say:
There is a numerical code associated with each partition type. For example,
the code for ext2 is 0x83 and linux swap is 0x82. To see a list of partition
types and their codes, execute */sbin/sfdisk -T

*These two pages have more than I ever want to know about it :)
If you think the data may have been written correctly but the partition
table hosed, you may be able to hand edit it to make it work.


On 6/5/07, Don Redman <don at vdata.org> wrote:
> I am not really sure this is an issue with Ghost at this point, it looks
> more like bad sectors on the drive, just really odd that they are reading
> Linux Swap X 6 on an XP box.
> I was hoping someone would say they had seen it before I guess?
> -Don
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