[BALU] Re: Fedora 6 Compile versus YUM

Charles Tharp semky01 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 12:51:09 CDT 2007


Packages built for one version of Fedora are usually not compatible with
other versions of Fedora. The web site of the provider should specifically
state which versions of Fedora they support.
[image: [Tip]]Old Versions of yum and Current Repositories

The data format for repository indexes changed with version 2.1 of yum. This
was the version supplied with Fedora Core 3. Repository providers should
specify the versions of Fedora Core that they support. To confirm that an
unlabeled repository is compatible with current versions of yum, check that
it has a sub-directory called repodata/.
so repodata  was what I was trying to remember....      Fedora 7   when does
that come out.  I be t I can   stick with 5  till I have to buy new
that might be  a long time.

<^> Chuck
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