[BALU] OT Limiting internet

Lane Oden loden at ncpsolutions.com
Mon Jun 4 09:52:10 CDT 2007

Joseph Blake wrote:
> Last I checked Alabama was a hire at will state. As long as you don't
> fire someone for an explicitly illegal reason (discrimination) then
> you don't need any documentation.

Eh... It is and isn't that simple. A lot of organizations (particularly companies that exist in more than just Alabama) maintain (good) HR policies that prevent people from being fired on a whim and open up some legal liabilities for poorly documented terminations, even in at-will employment states. 

Plus burden of proof for disproving discrimination is on the employer. Especially in AL, it'd be a PR nightmare for an organization to let someone go, be accused of discrimination and not have the paperwork to back up why you let the person go. Even if you won the legal battle, your name would get dragged through the mud. 

"You fired me. It was discrimination. Enjoy the lawsuit. I called ABC 33/40 and now I can find a lawyer for free."

I had a friend who was a call center manager for a while who said, "I've never fired anyone. They always manage to fire themselves." And whether they fired themselves or not, their perception is always going to be that you have somehow threatened their livelihood and well-being. Humans are vindictive and petty. Make sure your ish does not stink before proceeding here. 

I'm not saying this is entirely an IT problem. I'm not saying it's entirely a management problem. 

Jason, does your company/this user's department have an AUP that mentions what content is and is not suitable for computer use during work hours? Can you bust her on it? What kind of surfing are you talking about? Blogging? Ebay? Can you manage to squeeze a transparent proxy in to throttle/filter on a lightweight machine? 


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