[BALU] OT Limiting internet

Jim Vines jgoodguy at charter.net
Mon Jun 4 09:47:53 CDT 2007

That is the theory. 

But not the practice.

Fed law outlaws dismissal for all kind of reasons. 

And just try to fire your system admin because they won't come to your 
home to cut your grass on Saturdays.  Ain't illegal, but boy I bet a 
jury will clean out the corp bank account or at least what the lawyers 
don't take.  Don't matter that the law you quote says you can fire him 
for that. 

Then there are civil cases which must be tried before a jury.    Say the 
employee is black, over 40, female, disabled or some combination.   No 
doc?  Ye ha. 

Go yea go fire someone without doc and you will be paying your lawyer to 
defend  your rump.  Not to mention that HR will be docing you for early 

Best to doc and then fire. 
Lots cheaper. 

In any case, whatsa the problem with doc in a corp environment.  The 
documentator is getting paid to do that right?  Proper doc is most corps 
standard procedure, right?  So not documentating is as bad if not worst 
than any badness of the employee. 

Not to mention, management is supposed to manage, right.  If they are 
not documenting problems and not attempting to solve them, then what is 
their purpose in life? 

Not so simple.


Joseph Blake wrote:
> Last I checked Alabama was a hire at will state. As long as you don't 
> fire someone for an explicitly illegal reason (discrimination) then 
> you don't need any documentation.
> ~joseph
> On Jun 1, 2007, at 11:06 AM, Jim Vines wrote:
>> After you properly document the bad performance.  There are rules, 
>> you cannot just boot a person and deprive them of their livelihood on 
>> an impulse.
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