[BALU] 4gig+ on 32bit sys

jim jgoodguy at charter.net
Sat Jun 2 01:09:40 CDT 2007

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Mr. Panzer wrote:
> ok with so many people asking me what I can do with upto 16gig of ram
> on my newest box.  and other then the price of filling that up making
> a good downpayment on a used porsche 911.  I would like to know what
> tricks are needed to make a 32bit sys see more then 4gig ram.  I know
> in the doze world there is PAE.  but there are some issues with that. 
> and yea I understand that 64 bit is the best way to go.  ain't there
> stuff like hugh mem flag when compiling kernel?
> Panzer
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