[BALU] OT Limiting internet

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ok stupid question.  is there away to limit the bandwidth coming in and out 
of a interface?


Turn up the radio
Blast your stereo
right now


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>After you properly document the bad performance.  There are rules, you 
>cannot just boot a person and deprive them of their livelihood on an 
>Gotta doc, gotta counsel them,  gotta gather the info and then boot.  If 
>you can't handle that, then be a tech.  Figure 6 months to a year to do it 
>Otherwise you get to explain to your boss about the 100K he just had taken 
>out of his budget for "your" lawsuit.  That's the cost of winning.  Figure 
>1/4-1/2 million for losing.
>So concentrate on the software angle.
>Read this in your spare time:
>What OS.
>Jason Sandlin wrote:
>>Surfing is not the total problem and I would not consider it means to fire 
>>someone. If surfing was not allowed then removing connection to the 
>>outside world would solve the problem.  But poor job performance, lack of 
>>attendance, and poor attitude at work all all in place here. Now if they 
>>just promote me I would give the person the boot!
>>Jason Sandlin
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