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Jason Sandlin crane.aswp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 09:14:58 CDT 2007

Dan, I agree completely and in a perfect world or at least a better world
that would work. In my world it won't. All the Bosses here avoid
confrontation like the plague. If an employee is troublesome the just move
them around where they are someone elses problem. I know it's not right but
it's also not uncommon.
 This isn't an IT problem either, if you boil it down to just the facts Then
here it is.
I am sick of people bitching about this person surfing and shopping on the
web all day and not working. Everyone working with this person has stated
there opinion with her but face it. If the boss won't do anything then she
doesn't care. So I plan to make her surfing miserable. It may not fix the
problem but it will make me happy. (insert devil smiley) :P
 This is a windows box she is on and the network is setup with a cheap
router that I don't believe can throttle bandwidth on only one client.
If it were up the the people working here this person would be fired. But
allas the ass kissers end up in charge and most of them are spineless.

Sorry if that sounded like a rant.

On 6/1/07, Dan Willson <ponyboy at uab.edu> wrote:
>  Maybe I'm missing something, but ... Why again is this IT's problem? It
> sounds like you were asked to supply a tech solution when what management
> has is an obvious human resources issue they're refusing to address. There's
> a nut loose between the chair and the keyboard — let HR or the big boss fix
> it by making a policy and then enforcing it through quarterly reviews and/or
> some other regular process (someone set up an HR cron job or something ;-).
> Sorry if that's not the answer you wanted, but management shouldn't be
> coming to you for a solution to an employee problem — you should be going to
> management about this employee's problem, and that should be the last you
> ever hear about the subject.
> As an aside, why do so many managers suddenly get touchy-feely when it
> comes time to tell an employee what they can and can not do while on the
> clock? And my sincere apologies for being the world's youngest curmudgeon
> ....
> Dan
> On 6/1/07 7:58 AM, "Jason Sandlin" <crane.aswp at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are there settings in Firefox or IE that can limit the speed of the
> browser? We have someone here at work that spends too much time surfing and
> not working. So they want to slow down the internet so it difficult to use.
> I wasn't sure if this is possible on the client end. I have been looking at
> proxy servers but I have't found a public one that works yet. I can't build
> a proxy box or throttle the router or modem because there are some here that
> need the bandwidth.
> Any suggestions?
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