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Dan Willson ponyboy at uab.edu
Fri Jun 1 08:54:07 CDT 2007

Maybe I¹m missing something, but ... Why again is this IT¹s problem? It
sounds like you were asked to supply a tech solution when what management
has is an obvious human resources issue they¹re refusing to address. There¹s
a nut loose between the chair and the keyboard ‹ let HR or the big boss fix
it by making a policy and then enforcing it through quarterly reviews and/or
some other regular process (someone set up an HR cron job or something ;-).
Sorry if that¹s not the answer you wanted, but management shouldn¹t be
coming to you for a solution to an employee problem ‹ you should be going to
management about this employee¹s problem, and that should be the last you
ever hear about the subject.

As an aside, why do so many managers suddenly get touchy-feely when it comes
time to tell an employee what they can and can not do while on the clock?
And my sincere apologies for being the world¹s youngest curmudgeon ....


On 6/1/07 7:58 AM, "Jason Sandlin" <crane.aswp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Are there settings in Firefox or IE that can limit the speed of the browser?
> We have someone here at work that spends too much time surfing and not
> working. So they want to slow down the internet so it difficult to use. I
> wasn't sure if this is possible on the client end. I have been looking at
> proxy servers but I have't found a public one that works yet. I can't build a
> proxy box or throttle the router or modem because there are some here that
> need the bandwidth.
> Any suggestions?

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