[BALU] OT Limiting internet

Thomas Stover thomas at wsinnovations.com
Fri Jun 1 08:51:59 CDT 2007

I would not use a ff config or a proxy server. The only proxy server for 
linux that I know of is squid. That thing "works", but configuring it to 
do anything you want is rough. Enable ip forwarding on a linux box that 
can reach the net. Then change this users default gw to this linux box 
(if the user is allowed to change their network config you will need a 
more secure setup). Then look into linux traffic shaping.

Jason Sandlin wrote:

> Are there settings in Firefox or IE that can limit the speed of the 
> browser? We have someone here at work that spends too much time 
> surfing and not working. So they want to slow down the internet so it 
> difficult to use. I wasn't sure if this is possible on the client end. 
> I have been looking at proxy servers but I have't found a public one 
> that works yet. I can't build a proxy box or throttle the router or 
> modem because there are some here that need the bandwidth.
> Any suggestions?
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