[BALU] rsync: --password-file doesn't work

Daniel Hallmark daniel.hallmark at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 09:41:43 CST 2007

This is poorly worded and I realize could sound a bit personal which
was not my intention.  I have no problems with Mark's preference or
choices for his own system.  But I do disagree with the general
statement that ssh keys are "much more secure than putting a password
in a file!" in any case where passphrase confirmation is not required.


On 2/8/07, Daniel Hallmark <daniel.hallmark at gmail.com> wrote:
> I usually tend to agree with all of Mark's comments.  However, in the
> general case (although not necessarily this specific circumstance) I
> would have to take exception with Mark's comments regarding his
> preference to go the ssh route.

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