[BALU] Birmingham OLPC Mesh-Up

David Wilkins dwilkins at conecuh.com
Fri Dec 28 09:37:30 CST 2007

I'm itching to try out my new OLPC in a group environment.   I'm going
to show up at the Inverness Starbucks on Saturday morning at 9am with
my OLPC in hopes that some other OLPC owners will show up.

You don't need an OLPC to attend, and I'll pass mine around for
everyone to play with.

I've learned a few things, but there's a lot more that I need to know
about the machine.  I'll send out notes or a blog entry after the
"Mesh-Up" with what is discovered.  I'll hang around until 10am, but
if no-one else shows up, I'll leave then.

Where: Inverness Starbucks
When: 9am Saturday 29-Dec-2007
What: Birmingham OLPC Mesh-Up


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