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Vincent Batts vbatts at bham-lug.org
Wed Dec 19 13:52:55 CST 2007

ok everyone,

i've cleaned up many of the wiki pages and users.
also i've added an extension plugin that requires an email activation for
users to be set up. it is currently configured so that is the user that is
trying to activate has an email that ends with @ bham-lug.org then the
activation email will go directly to them, ortherwise it will go to the site
moderator, to not spam larry, i've configured it to send the activation
email to vbatts at bham-lug.org.
also any unactivated emails can be allowed/denied by wiki "super users",
currently set as 'Scrudge' and 'VincentBatts', by going to
http://wiki.bham-lug.org/EmailActivation, and ANY person can cancel the
activation by going to http://wiki.bham-lug.org/EmailActivation?n=<userName>
if you know the 'userName' you want to cancel.

the posted list of delete user i put at
if one of these was you, then you need to set yourself up again.

let me know if you have any questions.

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