[BALU] DRM enforced on storage?

jim jgoodguy at charter.net
Thu Dec 13 08:19:43 CST 2007

When that happens, Panzer and I will be rich as the world comes to our 
door for pre DRM hardware. 

We'll have a door with a peephole and passwords.


Brian Byers wrote:
> Eventually, all hardware manufacturers will implement some form of DRM 
> inside firmware, and the hardware will not operate with drivers which 
> do not contain the corresponding DRM signature (which is proprietary 
> and controlled by special interest monopolies who have enough money to 
> buy votes in Congress.)
> Similar to firearms, the federal government will decree that all PCs 
> will require a license to own and operate, and only DRM compatible 
> operating systems approved by the federal government will be legal.  
> Anyone caught stealing music and movies is already subject to a 
> stricter sentence than sex offenders and violent criminals.  We can 
> build on this, and declare that Linux and other projects which attempt 
> to bypass DRM are "assault systems" -- and then leave that term 
> purposely vague in order to allow a jury to arbitrarily define it.
> As DRM grows, it will add to our "governed by fear" philosophy in 
> which honest people are inconvenienced and presumed guilty of piracy.  
> Criminals, of course, will be left to operate with impunity.
> I want a WiFi enabled hearing aide with DRM.  Remove the DRM from my 
> PC please -- I prefer to filter content at my ears.  My DRM compatible 
> hearing aide can teach me a lesson by playing a loud, sharp tone if I 
> accidentally try to listen to copyrighted material.
> Yes, I need some /suit /with shiny shoes to decide how I should use my 
> computer.
> jim wrote:
>> from http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/networking/?p=407&tag=nl.e040
>> "I just read an article tipping off unsuspecting consumers to Western 
>> Digital’s network storage problems.
>> Western Digital’s ‘My Book World Edition is specifically designed to 
>> make peoples life easier. The sales page tells people: “This storage 
>> system and all the files on it are always accessible when you need 
>> them, even when your local computer is turned off,” and “Listen to 
>> your music while on vacation”. It’s impossible to miss the box 
>> advertising the My Book as having enough storage for 250,000 MP3’s or 
>> 400 hours of DVD quality video. Now that all sounds pretty standard 
>> so what’s the problem?
>> Tucked away deep inside the Western Digital support site is a list of 
>> 38 types of media file that can’t be accessed via the WD Anywhere 
>> Access feature. The list is extensive and includes all popular file 
>> types such as AAC, MP3, MOV, WMV and WMA. So if you buy one of these 
>> how exactly are you going to “listen to your music while on 
>> vacation”? Western Digital claim this restriction is ‘Due to 
>> unverifiable media license authentication’. This really does raise 
>> the question of whose job it is to police the enforcement of digital 
>> rights. Should we be stopped from copying MP3 files to USB keys or 
>> memory sticks? Will software companies start blocking the transfer of 
>> media files over HTTP and FTP just in case they aren’t licensed?"
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