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On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 01:15:47PM -0500, Joseph S Blake wrote:
> The only way to capture HDTV with an open source solution is either an
> OpenQAM tuner (get the free and unencrypted digital channels off the
> cable), ATSC (get the free over the air HD), or capture via firewire.
> The downside to capturing via firewire is most cable companies are now
> sending the broadcast flag so that is going to be hit or miss.

it's not the broadcast flag. the broadcast flag was related to
over the air transmission. the signal just had a flag that marked
something as not to be copied. the signal was not encrypted. it
depended solely on the devices respecting the flag. obviously,
mythtv wouldn't do that. it was stupid.

the cable companies actually encrypt channels like hbo, cinemax,
any other premium specially packaged digital channels. the few
times i've tried hooking up with firewire, some channels like
epsnhd were still not encrypted. what channels are encrypted or
not varies based on time and cable provider.

i think i've read at some point that with firewire you can store
encrypted video and then theoretically play it by sending it back
through firewire to the cable box. i'm not sure if it has ever
been done and i'm sure it's highly dependent on the cable box.

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