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The only way to capture HDTV with an open source solution is either an
OpenQAM tuner (get the free and unencrypted digital channels off the
cable), ATSC (get the free over the air HD), or capture via firewire.
The downside to capturing via firewire is most cable companies are now
sending the broadcast flag so that is going to be hit or miss. You can't
capture HDMI (it's encrypted)


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Well, I have a question about this comment. I don't have first hand 
information on this because I have not tried MythTV with a HDTV. I was 
quoting Nick Petreley, editor in chief of the Linux Journal, when I said

what I said about HDTV. Nick said "You may be able to get a cable box 
with an output you can capture (like IEEE 1394, for example). But, you 
won't be able to decode HDTV cable signals from the coax, and as far as 
I can tell, it isn't yet possible to connect the HDMI output of a cable 
box to a PC in a way that is useful to Linux."
Nick when on to talk about a lot of different capture cards, and 
although they work, didn't seem to be too impressed with HDTV and Linux.

Every situation had problems. If you have first hand information on 
something that not only works ( but works well), I would like to hear 
about it.
Charles (cwm)
jason gilbert wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 10:36:03AM -0500, Charles McNutt wrote:
>> One other thing to consider, is that I have not found anyone that
>> that HDTV works well with MythTV. Currently, cable companies make it 
>> nearly impossible to get decent quality HDTV except through their own

>> cable boxes. This is because HDTV is under the control of Digital
>> Management (DRM),
> this isn't entirely true. you can get cards that can receive any
> unencrypted digital cable channels. you can't view any encrypted
> digital channels (hbo, showtime, etc). by fcc rules, they have to
> provide all over the air hdtv channels (abc, cbs, etc)
> unencrypted. that's where CableCard comes in.
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