[BALU] MySQL administrator SUMMARY

Stuart Carter stuart.carter at spamcop.net
Wed Apr 18 12:00:23 CDT 2007

Daniel Hallmark wrote:
> On 4/18/07, Stuart Carter <stuart.carter at spamcop.net> wrote:
>>> This reinforces the fact that the ouruser account doesn't exist as far
>>> as mysql is concerned.
>> But the list of users shoots "above the screen" and I don't know how to
>> see the stuff "above" the final screen it displays?
> At the mysql commandline prompt type:
> \P more
> This sets the "pager" to more (or you could use less, etc.)
> Then run your sql query "select User from mysql.user;"
> The results should be piped through more just like you were paging
> through any other program output.  We're looking for the "ouruser"
> account and also to see how many copies of the "ouruser" account exist
> (to follow up on Ed's thoughts that perhaps there are different
> instances of the account defined for specific hosts that have
> different permissions).

OK, that helped. In the wiki db, there is no user "ouruser" in the users 

In the other db (the trouble ticket db) the reply
Table 'troubleticket.user' doesn't exist
came back

... this is giving me a really bad headache ;)

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